Speak Freely for Unix


by John Walker

End of Life Announcement

On January 15th, 2004, Speak Freely was officially discontinued and removed from the www.fourmilab.ch Web site where it was hosted since 1996. Existing users may continue to use the program as long as they wish, but no further releases will be forthcoming. For details and the reasons why Speak Freely was being discontinued, please see the full end of life announcement. This archive preserves the final release of Speak Freely for Unix, version 7.6a.

Speak Freely is a application for a variety of Unix systems that allows you to talk (actually send voice, not typed characters) over a network. To enable secure communications, encryption with DES, Blowfish, IDEA, and/or a key file is available. Speak Freely for Unix is compatible with Speak Freely for Windows, and users of the two programs can intercommunicate. In addition, Speak Freely supports Real-Time Protocol (RTP) (RFCs 1889, 1890, et seq.) and interoperate with RTP compliant audio applications.

Archive Access

SourceForge.net Logo The Speak Freely for Unix archive is hosted on SourceForge. It provides direct access to Speak Freely source code via CVS. Developers interested in working with the final version of the source code can check out the complete development directory tree, manage their changes with CVS or download an archive of the source code from the File Release System.

Project Summary Page

Source Code Repository

Manual Pages

Speak Freely for Unix is documented in the following manual pages describing the individual programs.

  • sfmike Send sound to remote hosts(s).
  • sfspeaker Receive sound.
  • sflaunch Launch sfmike and sfspeaker.
  • sflwl Find active users on the network.
  • sflwld Operate a find-users server.
  • sfecho Operate a remote echo server.
  • sfreflect Operate conference reflector.
  • sfvod Operate a voice-on-demand server.
  • Mailing List Archive

    The speak-freely mailing list operated from January 1996 until January 2004, with more than 3500 messages posted. The link below allows you to download a Zipped archive of all messages ever posted to the mailing list, collected into 287 periodic digests. E-mail addresses and telephone numbers have been elided to protect the privacy of participants. The mailing list covered both the Unix and Windows versions of Speak Freely.

    Download speak-freely Mailing List Archive   (2 Mb .zip)

    by John Walker
    January 15th, 2004